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Material: Herb


Rosemary powder aka Rosmarinus officinalis from Portugal
Rosemary is a high aromatic herb and when burned it purifies the air. Known as a medicinal and culinary herb, it is said to:

*improve memory and concentration *boost immunity *treat nervous system disorders *help prevent cancer *anti-bacterial

Add small amounts to incense blends adding to much will foul up your incense. This powdered Rosemary smells so yummy and clean with a background of rich salty butter. Very classy uplifting smell.
Rosemary can be a good substitute for Frankincense even mugwort as it protects you while you sleep especially children.
Rosemary brings clarity and is brain food for thought..

Mixes well with..Lavender,White Copal,Frankincense,etc..

Have fun with this Gorgeous smell!
Beautiful rich green color<3
priced per oz.

Rosemary Powder