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Material: flowers


Organic Lavender aka Lavandula angustifolia..Bright blue and intensely fragrant. Lavender smells crispy yet warm , sensual, creamy, yet romantic..
It's soothing notes are heartfelt and inspiring.When burned it dis-infects the air, dispels evil and attracts bees, butterflies and fairies to the garden<3

When burned Lavender is protective, healing, heartwarming and removes sickness and dis-ease

Use in all kinds of incense mixes or burn alone...When burning alone move around on the hot charcoal frequently to prevent scorching.

soothing, relaxing and brings sweet dreams<3

**will keep evil and harmful insects away..

sold as 9oz

*Crush between fingers or burn on hot coal to release Lavenders lovely aroma

Lovely Lavender buds