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Material:Tree sap


Gum Elemi comes from the Philippines. It's smell is bright and lemony, with a woody fragrance and a hint of fennel, frankincense and grass.Elemi is known to be clarifying and cleansing with energizing properties. It stimulates mental ability and works well for morning meditation,Great for Martial arts or yoga exercises. It creates a spirit of hopefulness and is said to relieve depression.
Gum Elemi is cleansing/purifying, strengthening, brings creativity, helps with meditation, and prayer
Gum Elemi brings courage, and spirituality

Mixes Well With: borneol camphor, cardamom, eucalyptus, frankincense, guggul, hibiscus, juniper, lemongrass, myrrh, opoponax, pine resin, pine needles, sandalwood, sweet grass, etc.

priced per oz.

*Must burn on hot charcoal to release aroma.
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Gum Elemi