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Material: tree sap


aka Superior/ Hojary Boswellia Sacra is considered to be the best kind of frankincense exported from the Sultanate of Oman. I would agree.This Frankincense smells so good you can smell it through the bag,Strong perfumed permeating the walls intense touches your soul with loving light.Will bring you to your knees with tear flowing highly beautiful.

Foosoos Hojari Superior can be used in drinking water to add aromatic fragrance to the water. It is also said to clean the air and kills bacteria that multiply in the throat and stomach. In Oman, this type of superior frankincense is burned in churches, temples and mosques to add aromatic fragrance and holy a feel. Also, royalty was known to burn this frankincense in their homes to provide a feeling of luxury, especially when receiving guests.

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*Must burn on hot charcoal to release aroma.
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