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Material: aromatic woods


Beautiful,Rich Dark Luxury...Fall in love with this aroma like your floating on clouds..Dark Sandalwood powder aka Santalum album from India.
Great for incense mixtures or burning alone. Sandalwood powder is used to make body powders, creams, tinctures and more. Dark Sandalwood is very aromatic with a sweet musky aroma.Or just lather your body up with the powder and feel its silky sunshine<3

Dark Sandalwood is relaxing, cleansing/purifying, strengthening, aids sleep, meditation, is very intensely sensuous, brings a deep love.

Medicinally Dark Sandalwood is a bittersweet astringent herb that cools the body, calms the mind, relieves spasms, improves digestion. It has diuretic, analgesic and antiseptic effects,is often used externally for skin complaints.When you rub it on your body, face, neck, all over it will make your skin super soft and your lover won't be able to keep from kissing you...

Dark Sandalwood brings healing, spirituality, protection, and peace

Mixes Well With: excellent all around base ingredient - aloeswood, benzoin, borneol camphor, cassia, catnip, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, copal-black, juniper, labdanum, lavender, nutmeg, palo santo wood, patchouli, rose, saffron, star anise, tolu balsam, turmeric, vanilla, vetiver, etc.

priced per 14 grams.

*Must burn on hot charcoal to release aroma.
instructions included in your order.
Simply rub into skin.

Dark Sandalwood