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Material: Tree sap


Black Ethiopian is a mixture of Resins that represent the three wise men that came to see Yeshua when he was born and offer gifts of Frankincense,Myrrh and Gold.

This is Beautiful rare Black Frankincense small tears from Ethiopia Mixed with small tear Ethiopian Frankincense wrapped in gold leaf representing the Gold that was given and small bits of myrrh.

Sometimes I do not bother grinding because the mix is so small already,But it will burn more even and last longer if you grind it first.
When added to heat source it gives off a yummy candy like fragrance with cream sweet lemon undertones.
It removes evil and attracts Good vibrations and protection.
Its also very pretty and the smell is out of this world!

I must admit if you don't grind it and when you add it to the heat source it looks really cool.The gold leaf begins to bubble and melt off the Frankincense like it's telling a story.

Priced per oz

*Must burn on hot charcoal to release aroma.
instructions included in your order

Black Ethiopian