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351W based 427 cu. in. Arias as cast fully assembled heads, Manley 2.25 x 1.60 stainless steel valves, PAC valve springs, matching as cast Arias intake manifold, custom solid roller camshaft, Arias forged pistons with 10:7 compression, 4340 forged rotating assembly, 1.85 intake and 1.75 exhaust ratio shaft mount rockers, Demon 850 carburetor, Aviaid oil pan, aluminum water pump, 4150 carb. adapter plate, billet distributor, approx. 600hp @ 6250 rpm and 575tq @ 4750 rpm, all parts are new, all Arias/Avenger components are made in the USA, 18500.00

Ford 351w Hemi Engine - small block ford

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